Skittles’ Musical: A Sweet Stunt in Experiential Marketing

Learning about sex, sexuality and relationships is an important part of all our lives. Understanding emotions, boundaries, sexual health, personal hygiene and how to stay safe are vital for people with learning disabilities. This knowledge helps to develop useful life skills and a positive and healthy attitude towards sexuality and well being. Relationships can bring pleasure and boost self-esteem and confidence, but they also involve risks such as being hurt, pregnancy, HIV and Aids. It can be difficult to strike a balance between protecting people with learning disabilities from risks and allowing them to explore and develop wider personal and social relationships. Young people and adults with learning disabilities are much less likely to have access to this kind of information because of attitudes towards disability and sexuality, lack of resources and lack of professionals qualified to provide the right kind of information and appropriate support. Access to good quality information and advice is very important. This info pack rounds up the best resources, services, information and advice that is available surrounding this sensitive subject.

Revealing the Labyrinth at Stowe

A new area of the garden has recently been restored at Stowe in the west of the garden on the route to the Boycott Pavilions. The Labyrinth was part of the original early eighteenth-century garden designed by William Love but over the years it had become obscured and overgrown. Stowe is fortunate to have the original maps of the garden dating from the s and these showed the layout of the beds, swing and skittle alley.

The restoration project started two years ago and began with clearing away many of the self-set trees and undergrowth. The staff team were helped by volunteers and corporate volunteering groups who did sterling work on the bramble bashing. For the layout, the gardeners used the original maps and a GPS system to work out where the beds and paths would have been.

Skittles / Make the rainbow, Annual ID: YO19A_S, Award: Silver Cube, Category: Young Ones ADC It has a tradition of excellence dating back to ​.

Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. West Indies captain Jason Holder 57 hit his second half-century and highest in one-day internationals to give his team some sort of a total to defend against the holders, who have won all three of their matches so far. Shami, who missed India’s win against the United Arab Emirates with a knee injury on Saturday, put West Indies on the backfoot early by dismissing hard-hitting openers Dwayne Smith 6 and Chris Gayle 21 with the new ball.

Shami and fast bowling partner Umesh Yadav 2 for 42 started well, bowling fast and short on the WACA pitch, considered the quickest in the world, as India dominated the explosive West Indies batting line-up. Gayle, who hit the World Cup’s highest individual score of against Zimbabwe last week, offered up two difficult chances before he pulled Shami straight to Mohit Sharma 1 for He as also guilty of running out Marlon Samuels 2. With their talisman gone, West Indies were reduced to 4 for 35 and then 7 for 85 on the first ball of the 25th over before some resolute batting from the tail saw them through to the 45th over.

Right-arm paceman Shami came back with an older ball to take out former captain Darren Sammy 26 to end a promising run stand for the eighth wicket before Holder added 51 for the ninth with Jerome Taylor Holder hit four boundaries and three sixes before becoming the last man to fall for West Indies off the bowling of Ravindra Jadeja 2 for It was one of two wickets for the left-arm spinner to complete another stronger bowling display by the two-time champions, who were also guilty of dropping a number of catches.

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By Brenda Haugen on October 12, October 11, One of the latest — and most dangerous — fads for middle and high school students is called a Skittle party. Young people raid their parents’ medicine cabinets and take any pills they can find.

10 Best Ideas of the Week: a Traffic Cone Chandelier, Skittles’ For each slide down, the dating app donated $10 to the Human Rights plus store-branded cash giveaways and on-site shopping with dressing rooms.

By Ian Zelaya. Burger King Finland catered to Finnish introverts with a drive-thru that required zero verbal communication. The fast food company worked with Superson to create the stunt, which promoted the Burger King app in Finland. Drivers could order via the app, and then wait in the parking lot for their meal to be delivered without exchanging words with employees. According to the brand, the stunt doubled sales through the mobile app within a month of launch and continued to double month over month.

Tinder gave its users a new way to connect on the dating app with Swipe Night, a dark, choose-your-own-adventure series targeting the Gen Z crowd. Each Sunday in October, the app gave users a chance to participate in five-minute installments of friends at a party turned apocalyptic mayhem. Players were then given seven seconds to use the swipe feature to choose what comes next. After each installment, Tinder users could display their three choices as conversation starters in their profile, matching them with others who also played the experience.

Brands can either be hilarious or have their responses to consumer complaints on social media completely backfire. Vita Coco took the clapback art form to new heights on Twitter. The exchange with Ponanski came after his expressed disdain for the beverage.

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Guinness has this month launched a campaign using QR codes on its glasses. QR Quick Response codes are square barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone to direct the user to a website. While Guinness’s scheme might succeed, it feels like a gimmick that is doomed to fail. Here are four other examples of brands trying to grasp social media and failing badly.


About ten years ago, a job lot of my forty-something neighbours got divorced. Yesterday I got a sudden surprise SOS from one of them. About ten years ago, a job lot of my forty-something neighbours got divorced, writes Rachel Johnson. She had sued Seventy Thirty for failing to present her with an appropriate man, despite her large upfront outlay.

While women like her paid through the nose, she claimed most single men on the site had been popped on the books for nothing, with agencies trawling the personal ads of national newspapers to find their fresh meat. Be that as it may, I suspect there might be another factor keeping more eligible men away. Given that many single, older men will no doubt have already forked out a fortune to an ex-wife or two via the divorce courts, the last thing they want is to risk another woman taking them to the cleaners — especially one as unashamedly direct in her demands as Ms Burki.

When it comes to this high-rolling dating game, I suspect men are hearing not wedding bells but warning bells. They know that what many women want is not to find true love but to land a big fish with the smallest hook possible, and men who sense this are like canny old trout lying low in a shady pool. Remarkably brave, at just 21 — and she got the part anyway. I know that Idris Elba seems to think he is a shoo-in to be the next , but all I can say is: never mind a black Bond, how about Ms Pike — soon to play the murdered war correspondent Marie Colvin in the film A Private War — to be the first female Bond?

Good for her. However rich one sibling might be compared to the others, when it comes to wills and legacies, money is like love: you have to hand it out equally.

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Stowe is fortunate to have the original maps of the garden dating from the s and these showed the layout of the beds, swing and skittle alley.

Our vision is to become The Trusted Partner of each of the people with whom we have a relationship, be they clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, members of the communities in which we are working or any other group or individual. We develop and maintain long-term client relationships We maintain a balanced workload at all times We take great care to retain and develop valued repeat business with our customers.

It is with great pride that I welcome you to Al Ramooz group. Let me say that Al Ramooz is now a completely different company that at any time in its history with a new team of senior officers and Executives dedicated to making Al Ramooz successful in achieving its goal and purposes. Al Ramooz partners and customers form the main pillar of our success. Year after year, Al Ramooz has built a reputable image in its pursuit of excellence, winning the trust and confidence of it clients and industry partners.

Further, the company is on track with its goal of employing and training Nationals with the aim of preparing them of leadership position in the company. Al Ramooz national LLC employees conduct their duties with the highest integrity and corporate governance. With the correct combination of opportunity, competent and loyal team professionals, skillful management, correct technology and a timely supply of adequate capital, we will be able to rapidly form Al Ramooz group in to full stream in its operation and success.

We have been constantly examining the market to find new product and service areas to become involved in, and try to be innovative by going after new ideas which are emerging in the international market. We are always looking for a new principle and have been quite successful in our endeavor to identify and establish partnership around the world. I am very excited about our future and I believe that Al Ramooz Group is better positioned than at any time in our history to fully realize its growth potential.

And I believe I speak for the rest of the team when I say that we have every intention of creating a continued, sustainable and increasing value for Al Ramooz group of companies. Services 1- EPC engineering procurement and construction.

Undateables dating agency

Our events include Dinner Parties, Black Tie Balls, Speed Dating, Casino Nights, Country Walks with rural pub lunches, Skittles and Bowling Evenings and a host of other types of events where you have the opportunity to meet other singles face to face in a welcoming, friendly, fun and safe environment.

You may have tried internet dating agencies in the hope of meeting a new partner but this method can be very time consuming, sometimes taking weeks before you meet anyone and then if you do, they may well be not quite as you had imagined or been led to believe from their profile. There is currently no requirement in the UK for an online dating agency to run any background checks and sadly, the incidence of serious offences such as fraud and even assault is increasingly being highlighted in the media.

And meeting people through going along to bars and clubs rarely leads to meeting anyone suitable who is genuinely unattached.

Online dating service for people with all kinds of disabilities including learning Friendship and dating agency for people over 18 with a learning disability.

By Sylvie Fodor This blog collects funny and less funny stories from the picture business. It is regularly up-dated. Send us your posts! Davidson, who charges that the government mistakenly used a photograph of his Las Vegas sculpture of Lady Liberty for a stamp without permission. As the author article suggests, the case raises question about originality. Read More …. Read full story here. New story This was a mistake: Read more here … Photos were posted on Pixabay on a creative common licence.

They were copied by a photographer who posted them in a photo competition as her own. And she won … See what happens next … Copyright. Read more here February Some see that the victims of terrotist attacks are ridiculed, others that human dignity is under attack.