Here’s Who the Cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ is Dating and Married to in Real Life

Ever watch a television show, fall in love with a character — because she is lovable, hateable, or weirdly awesome — tune in to see said character on the weekly, and completely flip out when the real actress makes an appearance in real life? It can be a totally mind-blowing experience! For the most part, actresses look the same as the characters they play on TV. While their overall wardrobe or hairstyle may differ, it’s rare that an actress is practically unrecognizable from the person we see every week on our televisions. That said, there are a few uncanny exceptions that can make us do a double take. Oh, the power of hair and makeup — it’s fascinating, isn’t it? In fact, We might even argue that they’re two completely different people.

What the “Orange Is the New Black” Cast Looks Like in Real Life

Brace yourselves, then, as some of the actors who portray the Litchfield ladies look much different offscreen! Kathryn Janeway, the first woman character to lead a Star Trek series. Mulgrew has been married and divorced twice and has three children, including a daughter whom she placed for adoption after giving birth in her late teens.

OITNB’s Daddy and McCullough Are Dating in Real Life, and Our Hearts Are So Full Only taking calls from my girlfriend and mom OKAY. (Slums of Beverly ”.

Fans genuinely love this show, and people are talking for more reasons than one! This is one of those shows that delve deeper into the aspects and give us a bigger picture. You may be surprised when you see some of their partners because some of them are probably not at all what you expected. So, let’s jump straight into these actresses and see who their partners are. Laura Prepon and Ben Foster.

We all know Laura, and she is already a star that appeared on That 70’s Show. She utilized her skills and grown with the cast. She loves spending time with her partner, and they have a beautiful family together. They certainly look like a stylish, professional couple. Don’t you agree? Samira Wiley and Laura Morelli. Her role on this show was sadly shortened when a correctional officer accidentally killed her.

She ended up falling in love with the writer of the show, and they are both delighted together.

OITNB: How Piper Kerman’s True Story Really Ends Is Way Different Than on Netflix

Before her arrest, Vause worked for an international drug cartel and was in a relationship with protagonist Piper Chapman , who once transported drug money for her during their travels. Vause is portrayed as the catalyst for Chapman’s indictment. She is reunited with her ex-lover in federal prison, nearly a decade after the events that led to their breakup. Her relationship with Chapman is reignited, as they carry out a tumultuous love affair in prison.

Vause is noted for her pragmatism, forthrightness, wit and veiled vulnerability. She is a main character in seasons one, three, four, five, six, and seven and a recurring character in season two.

Wiley and Morelli began dating in autumn and married in March in Palm Springs. Guests at the wedding including OITNB star Danielle.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, which is now the case for Orange is the New Black. We’ve stuck around for the Netflix fan-favorite since its debut in , obsessing over our favorite characters and storylines, and passionately yelling at our screens when our most-hated characters did, well, anything. Throughout the show, we’ve seen couples come and go, such as Piper and Stella , Blanco and Diablo, Diaz and Bennett, and many more.

But what about the romances in real life? Here’s who the cast of Orange is the New Black is dating and married to in real life, in honor of the seventh and final season, premiering on July Laura Prepon Alex Vause.

Oitnb characters dating in real life

The year marked when Piper Kerman really turned her life around. If you skipped the famous memoir, you were likely pulled in by the popular Netflix adaption of the same name, loosely based on Kerman’s experience. She may appear in the series finale , but the show’s ending depicts a very different story than how Piper and her fellow inmates end up.

serving out their sentences, there was also a bit of romance on OITNB. Here are 5 couples that were perfect together, and 5 that made no sense at all. they weren’t sure how their relationship might be in the real world.

In the real world, workplace romances are usually frowned upon. But in Hollywood, falling for your co-worker is an entirely different matter. After all, it helps to play a couple in love if you actually like the person you’re acting opposite. The “Riverdale” hunk met the actress on the set of ‘s “A Dog’s Purpose,” but it wasn’t until they played lovers on screen in “I Still Believe” that they took things to the next level off screen: The duo were spotted kissing and showing off some PDA at a party during Comic-Con , though things fizzled out not long after that.

To celebrate their movie love story hitting theaters on March 13, , Wonderwall. Keep reading for more…. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas filmed the thriller “Deep Water” together — they play husband and wife — in the fall and winter of pictured. Then in March , the co-stars were spotted visiting restaurants and museums together in the “Knives Out” star’s native Cuba, where they also posed for photos with fans and spoke Spanish together. Within days, outlets including People magazine and Page Six had confirmed that a romance had blossomed.

Lucy Boynton and Rami Malek met while filming the smash hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” in London in and seemed inseparable by In , the couple attended major award shows together as their film dominated show after show, culminating in Rami’s best actor Academy Award speech in which he thanked Lucy for being “the heart” of their film and capturing his own heart. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys started dating in late — shortly after the “Felicity” actress separated from husband Shane Deary — while shooting the second season of “The Americans.

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender really hit it off in while shooting “The Light Between Oceans,” in which they play a married couple who are deeply in love. Their onscreen chemistry was the real deal : The couple tied the knot in

Here’s what the cast of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ looks like in real life

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The series followed the love story between Piper Chapman played by Taylor Schilling and Alex Vause Laura Prepon but there were some real romantic relationships away from the show.

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Piper said the rights “reverted back” to her because the series didn’t come out before her book was done. Casting director Jen Euston talked about the audition process, saying, “Piper was the hardest role to cast. Jenji said she needed a unicorn. Netflix’s VP of Originals Cindy Holland said that they ended up casting relatively unknown actors because it made the show feel more authentic.

She said, “I remember thinking that character made more sense because I was really in a place of just trying to get a job. When she ended up auditioning for Lorna she bought bright red lipstick and imagined that Lorna would have the accent. Piper said, “Laverne Cox’s casting is one of the most important things that has ever happened on television.

Once the show was picked up for a Season 2 even before Season 1 aired Jenji and Laura worked to get her back on the show because audiences loved her so much. The writers looked at other characters to kill instead because Poussey was so beloved, but in the end her being so beloved allowed the death to have the biggest impact. Jenji said, “Piper having a meeting and then selling the show and having her watch someone playing her. We toyed with it.

Jenji said, “We had speakers, lawyers and experts in the area of immigration come to the room. The visit to Adelanto was devastating.

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Skip navigation! Orange Is the New Black finally ends its story about Piper, Alex, Red, Nicky, Lorna, Suzanne, Gloria, Cindy, and Taystee and everyone else, with some of them actually becoming free women again while others are left behind in prison for a few more years if not forever. Season 7 has a much more redemptive arc than any season before it, as we see Piper Taylor Schilling trying to adjust to life outside of Litchfield and the ups and downs of that. The inmates are also smuggling contraband into the prison in the form of cell phone chargers, so season 7 has them super into posting on Instagram.

For the most part, actresses look the same as the characters they play on TV. her pearly whites, Taryn Manning looks completely different from her OITNB character. It works for her character, but is it anything like who she is in real life​? But, in the real world, Lauren Cohan looks totally pulled together.

Amidst the conflict the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary endured while serving out their sentences, there was also a bit of romance on Netflix’s original series Orange Is The New Black. Inmates hooked up with other inmates, some with prison guards, and they stole kisses and lots more whenever they had the chance. Some of the relationships were loving, sweet, and honest. Some were simple arrangements designed for convenience. Others were out of boredom, or even curiosity. Nonetheless, there was a lot of coupling up on the show.

Here are 5 couples that were perfect together, and 5 that made no sense at all. While we hate it admit it, since Alex got Piper involved in the drug business, which put her in prison in the first place, and had her cheat on her boyfriend, it seems the pair are two peas in a pod. They are good together , passionate for one another, and willing to do anything for each other, which is the great foundation for a relationship.

They have the utmost trust in one another and when they are torn apart, it’s like they are each enduring personal torture. Daya willingly had sexual relations with the CO , who would often trade drugs for sexual favors. But she only did so in order to cover up her pregnancy by another CO who she was actually in love with. Mendez became infatuated with her while she was more repulsed by him than anything else.

oitnb characters

By Daisy Wardle. With a stellar group of writers and directors, the production value is incredible, and the series has become the single most watched show in Netflix history. The writers have even started using techniques to accommodate our binge-watching habits, including deciding that none of the characters would appear in all of the episodes no, not even Piper! We all fell in love with Piper Chapman, but did you know that the character was based on a real-life person?

Piper Kerman was convicted of money laundering and drug trafficking and was subsequently sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. Just like Piper in the show, she worked together with a former friend and lover and was arrested five years later.

Is [Spoiler] From ‘OITNB’ Dead or Alive? Everything You Need to Know About ‘​OITNB’ Season 7. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below.

Although Orange Is the New Black is loosely based on Piper Kerman’s memoir about her 13 months behind bars, people don’t expect it to be completely loyal to the book now that it’s entering its sixth season. After all, we’ve had murders, break outs, and prison riots since the modest first season aired, and many real inmates have criticized the show for being an inaccurate depiction of the prison experience.

However, Piper really did serve 13 months behind bars, and met a colorful assortment of women who would inspire the characters on the show during her time there. But, of course, since this is a Netflix TV show, and every episode must be binge-able, the characters became very different from their real-world counterparts. Warning: spoilers! Piper Chapman, the main character on the show, is similar to the real Piper in a lot of ways.

She did go to prison, smuggle drug money for her girlfriend when she was 22, and befriend a cast of diverse female inmates while locked up at the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution. However, the real Piper wasn’t quite as naive as her TV counterpart. The real Piper didn’t own an indulgent soap-making business, nor did she ever get furlough or thrown into solitary confinement.

In fact, Piper’s 13 months in prison were surprisingly drama-free.

Orange Is the New Black’s Vicci Martinez and Emily Tarver are dating in real life

Orange Is the New Black is a series by Jenji Kohan, that really set Netflix apart from the competition as far as original content goes. As of July 26th, it will be on its seventh and final season, after having unprecedented success on Netflix by becoming its most-watched original series. All of the women are incredibly talented on the show, and many of them are almost unrecognizable in real life, without their prison scrubs on. Here we see Taylor looking much better than she does on the show, in a paint-me-like-your-French-girls pose that shows off her true beauty.

Vicci Martinez’s character enforcer ‘Daddy’ has a romance with Daya, I love that Vicci Martinez and Emily Tarver are dating in real life!! wig omg i just found out vicci martinez who plays daddy in s6 of oitnb and emily.

American actress Taylor Schilling has confirmed her romantic relationship with artist Emily Ritz. On Sunday for Pride , musical and visual artist Emily Ritz posted an image of herself and Schilling embracing on a foggy clifftop. Schilling shared the image on her Instagram story with multiple red heart emojis to show the love. According to Just Jared , the pair met through mutual friends before developing a romantic relationship last year.

Taylor previously spoke to the Evening Standard about how she is not keen on labelling herself or her relationships. She said in “I really don’t fit into a box — that’s too reductive I’ve had wonderful relationships. She went on to add to her sentiment of being anti-labels when speaking with The Times last year. Schilling said: “I’ve had relationships with men and I’ve had relationships with women.

This Is What The Women Of “Orange Is The New Black” Look Like In Real Life